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You are new to the city of Bangalore and would love to explore the nearby locations which are not too far away but didn’t know where to look…

Well, here is a detailed grid of locations that one could explore during the weekend and if you love to drive, then this will be really helpful. Some of these locations could be covered over a single day like Nandi Hills, Sangam/ Mekadathu, Srirangapatna etc while others might require an over nite stay. Government guest houses are available in some of these locations which can be booked at Lalbagh and Aranya Bhavan in Bangalore. There are a few private hotels and lodges availabe at few other destinations but not really sure about their quality.. This is one sore point which the Tourism Department is trying to rectify.

This link below will take you to the pdf doc
Distance Grid from Bangalore

Do feel free to post your views and add on to this list.

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Since i own one of them rare Jawas in the city, i got to be a part of this recently concluded bikers meet in Bangalore.. Actually, i did help organise the event too :o) and needless to say it was a huge success.

We started planning for this meet and ride to Channapatna Town (Coffee Day) as a group a month before the event date (on the 13th of July) to commemorate the 6th International Jawa Yezdi Biker Meet. So the 4-5 of us met up a few time, exchange of mails took place, poster n t-shirt designs were finalized and we were ready to go. Expecting about 30 – 40 bikes to participate in this rally, we were stunned to see a turnout of 120 bikes at Cubbon Park on the 13th morning. It was utter chaos as we ran out of parking space for these bikes and people trying to click snaps and checking out their competition added to the chaos. The media were there too tryin to get bites from riders and us the organizers.

However, the star attractions for the day were a 79 yr old lady Maya Krishnamurthy riding her 64 model Jawa and a unique bike called the C-Zeta which was a special test model manufactured at the Ideal Jawa factory in Mysore. Only 3 of them were manufactured and we got to see one of them.

Multiple National Rally Champion Jagat Nanjappa flagged off the rally at 8.15am post which the bikers in a convoy went around the city before heading out towards Mysore rd on the Sirsi Circle flyover. We had another brief stopover outside the city for some more media interactions and photo sessions before continuing towards Channapatna on Mysore rd.

The whole distance of (150kms) 75kms towards and 75kms back was truly amazing with the entire stretch packed with these old beauties and the unique thud thud sound these bikes generate. Some cops en route stopped us to find out what the whole commotion was about.

Guess these pics will help describe the scale of the event..

More pics are available at this flickr page

Modified Jawa 350 (Twin)

The group’s website will be up shortly, until then pls visit the facebook group – http://www.facebook.com/groups/171999228907/
and also visit this blog post for regular updates – http://jawayezdiclub.blogspot.com/

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This topic came up after the recent death of british teenager Scarlett Keeling on the beaches of Goa. This was soon followed by couple of other unsolved murders / deaths of other travelers. I’m still not sure if this was a conspiracy by other states to dilute the image of Goa as a foreigner’s paradise.

However the fact remains that no place is safe for a lady traveler.. Here are a few tips which could help you out.

Plan in advance
1. Make prior booking for travel and accommodation
2. Ask your contact and those who have visited earlier about the location u’ve chosen and also look for hotel reviews on reliable websites like Holidayiq.com etc
3. Carry list of emergency numbers including the ones that you know in that city
4. Try and use public transport or pre-paid cabs especially after dark as they are safer

Travel Smart
1. Always make sure your family and friends know where you are traveling to and call them often to update on your location etc.
2. Try and carry a map of the city you are travelin to and get a bearing of your location and the places that you plan to cover
3. Try and blend into the crowd with regular clothes else people tend to take you for a ride… be it cabs or shops
4. If you travel alone, then find a travel partner before hand or make friends with other travelers at the location

How to avoid being drugged – If you like partying then u should read the following
1. Hold your drink at all times – do not leave it unattended
2. Keep an eye on the person who makes your drink
3. Know your limit and stick to it, you won’t be of great use to yourself if ur’ drunk
4. Hold important nos like cab service, police in that area and have a mobile in working order or carry change for a public booth
5. Stay aware of what you are drinking and if you feel unwell call your family doc or rush to the nearest hospital

Hope these tips are of help while your traveling or out partyin in your own hometown

some online links of Scarlett’s death

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We have seen Bangalore change over the years & thought that we shud put together a list of tips for those who visit this city. Hope this will help you save on money, time and a whole lot of headaches the next time u’r in Bangalore. And when u’r here and have the time to travel around, do look us up incase u need assistance related to your stay or travel.

Finally managed to get this hyper link working. Pls share your views on this doc.
Traveler Tips for Bangalore

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I’m sure we’ve all heard of this place called Guhantara on the outskirts of the city (Bangalore i meant).. I finally got an opportunity to go there from work and it was a unique experience. Wouldn’t say it was completely good but have to appreciate the effort that’s gone into making this 3 acre property truly one of a kind.

Some positivies are its passage way to the main area (gives a natural feel), rooms, food n overall look n feel of the entire place. Negatives would be the corporate crowd on weekdays n expensive rooms. Hope u like these pics..

Those interested in visitin this place can use the contacts below
Survey No. 177 & 177/18
Nookena Palya, Kaggalipura,
Kanakapura Main Rd, Bangalore South Taluk
Ph: 28432464/65 http://www.guhantara.com

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