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Yesterday the state witnessed its second largest attack on unsuspecting partygoers at a restaurant and lounge bar called The Beach on 100ft rd Indiranagar, Bangalore infront of video cameras. The first attack was on a club in Mangalore where hooligans attacked the partygoers and manhandled the women and beat them infront of TV cameras calling themselves RamSena.

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The reason for this blog is to discuss issues common in both these attacks and ways to keep ourselves safe in the future..

I’m not sure how many of you have noticed but its cause for great concern that the media were present in both these locations well before the local cops. In yesterday’s case, the cops from Indiranagar station which is less than 2 kms away turned up 45mins after the incident broke out but the media crew had arrived well before.

This opens up two important questions

1) In both the cases, our media were informed in advance of this attack  and decided to get the first scoop for their channel

2) The media didn’t find it important enough to alert the police about such an attack since they wanted to get as much meat from this story

Guess we are all living in an artificial world and have to take care of ourselves and not depend on anyone. Here are a few pointers for all of us including travelers visiting the state:

a) Women should always make it a point to carry pepper spray for their own safety. These sprays are easily available at all cosmetic (Health n Glow) and large departmental stores and cost anywhere from Rs 200 – Rs 450.

b) Always travel in groups of min 2 members and carry information of the local police hotline numbers. For India, we have standard hotline numbers – Police – 100, Ambulance – 108  & Fire – 102

c) Do not stay out too late on the streets especially in revealing clothes. This may create unnecessary attention.

d) Do not venture into unfamiliar localities especially at nite and even if you do, make sure you have reliable sources dropping you back home or to your hotel.

These pointers may help us stay away from unnecessary trouble atleast until our police department pulls up their socks. But for these two incidences, the state is still one of the safest destinations for travelers.

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This topic came up after the recent death of british teenager Scarlett Keeling on the beaches of Goa. This was soon followed by couple of other unsolved murders / deaths of other travelers. I’m still not sure if this was a conspiracy by other states to dilute the image of Goa as a foreigner’s paradise.

However the fact remains that no place is safe for a lady traveler.. Here are a few tips which could help you out.

Plan in advance
1. Make prior booking for travel and accommodation
2. Ask your contact and those who have visited earlier about the location u’ve chosen and also look for hotel reviews on reliable websites like Holidayiq.com etc
3. Carry list of emergency numbers including the ones that you know in that city
4. Try and use public transport or pre-paid cabs especially after dark as they are safer

Travel Smart
1. Always make sure your family and friends know where you are traveling to and call them often to update on your location etc.
2. Try and carry a map of the city you are travelin to and get a bearing of your location and the places that you plan to cover
3. Try and blend into the crowd with regular clothes else people tend to take you for a ride… be it cabs or shops
4. If you travel alone, then find a travel partner before hand or make friends with other travelers at the location

How to avoid being drugged – If you like partying then u should read the following
1. Hold your drink at all times – do not leave it unattended
2. Keep an eye on the person who makes your drink
3. Know your limit and stick to it, you won’t be of great use to yourself if ur’ drunk
4. Hold important nos like cab service, police in that area and have a mobile in working order or carry change for a public booth
5. Stay aware of what you are drinking and if you feel unwell call your family doc or rush to the nearest hospital

Hope these tips are of help while your traveling or out partyin in your own hometown

some online links of Scarlett’s death

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