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I have old memories with this place having broken half a tooth as a child while trying to race ahead of my cousins downhill from the Kempe Gowda Tower which resulted in a nasty fall. Have attended many flower shows over the years and come here for early morning walks & jogs. This place still amuses me as much as it used to, when I was a kid.
A little background on Lalbagh Botanical Garden – this garden probably has the most diversified collection of trees and plants compared to any other botanical garden in the world. It is spread over 240 acres, in the heart of the city has over 1800 species of flora. A lake inside the garden attracts a variety of birds like kingfishers, barbets, cormorants, bee-eaters, and robins. Squirrels, mynas and other insects amongst bees are a common sight. Biannual flower show is organized every year for a fortnight, once during Republic Day and another during Independence Day. Flower show at Lalbagh is one of the most splendid and sought after events in Bangalore during this season. Read more about Lalbagh at http://www.lalbagh.org/history.htm

The 4th national flower show at Lalbagh botanical garden in Bangalore started on 9th August, and will go on till 17th August. I visited Lalbagh after a gap of about 3 years this time around I choose to go on a weekday to avoid the overwhelming crowds that gather during the weekends. I was surprised to see a decent number of people on a working Monday, nevertheless like always the flower show in August is a riot of vibrant colours and a delight to watch. The ‘Glass-house’ looked spectacular, with all hues of colors and the added attraction this year was the ‘Hampi Chariot’ made entirely of roses and the Bonsai’s. Apart from these the usual potted plants, cut flowers, ikebana, floral art, bonsai, vegetable carvings, Dutch flower art, junior arrangement, dry flower arrangement are part of the show.
My ability with words limit me to express all that I saw.. would rather leave you with some images from there and strongly urge you to make a visit (caution: do try and avoid the holidays)



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