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The tourism and forest departments of BJP-governed Karnataka plans to launch terror tourism, based on the life and trails of forest brigand Veerappan, shot down by a special police team in 2004.

Veerappan with his band of men Image courtesy: Wikipedia

Tourism Director K Vishwanatha Reddy said construction of ecotourism facilities, including solar electrification, is at an advanced stage in Veer-appan’s village, Gopinatham, 200 km from Bangalore.
A trekking scheme, called Mystery Trails, will be part of the package for high-end and mid-rung tourists.

“Mystery Trails aims to explore the myths surrounding the brigand, his hideouts, escape routes and harsh living conditions,” said Deputy Conservator of Forests Narayan Swamy. “People would surely like to know what were the incidents that took place.

The “incidents” during Veerappan’s 20-year reign of terror across 6,000 sq km of forests in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, included the killing of 184 people, many of them police and forest officials, smuggling of sandalwood worth Rs 103 crore, and poaching of at least 200 elephants.

Western Ghats bordering Karnataka, Kerala & Tamil Nadu was dominated by Veerappan until his death

Source: Hindustantimes.com

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Bikes which made it to the top of Bilikal Betta

Bikes which made it to the top of Bilikal Betta

Been wanting to share this awesome experience with you all for a while and finally got around to writing this blog.

As part of our Sunday rides around Bangalore, we decided to check out Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta, this not so popular yet breathtaking destination which is located about 70 kms from the city beyond Kanakapura Town. Ask the locals for directions from Kanakapura Town circle.

The main reason this location isn’t spoilt is due to its lack of connectivity and motorable roads. Its however very popular among the trekking community. Bikers can get to the top only if they have a good machine and enough experience riding on harsh terrain, else do not even attempt. I’m not sure if a 4×4 jeep can make it to the top either since the road is completely eaten away with huge boulders sticking out.

So about 15 bikers headed towards Kanakapura town early sunday morning and breaked for quick snack at the only decent restaurant in town and were back on the road again. We took the road which goes left behind town and into the fields and soon we could see small hills and mountains. After about 10 – 12kms we reached the last village from where the dirt road begins to climb up and gradually gets steeper.

After another 2 kms, we noticed that the road had disintegrated into boulders and sharp stones. Many of the bikers decided to halt here and not try their luck while a few daring riders rode on. After cross a very bad stretch of .5kms the road again improves and finally only 2 bikes made it to the peak.

The 360 view from the top was just breadthtaking and peaceful. We spotted a small pond with dirty water and a temple with a small courtyard which was locked up. We also met a few trekkers who had just made it to the top after a grueling 1 hr climb. Soon we had to return back to the gang who were waiting for us half way down.

Trekkers at the view point

Trekkers at the view point

After another coffee break in Kanakapura town, we reached Bangalore by 11.30am and had covered a total distance of over 140kms.

Trekkers can take this route – Get to Harohalli on Kanakpura Road (about 30 kms from Banashankari) & take the road adjacent to the bus stand towards Maralawadi/ Doddamaralawadi (11 kms). Continue past Devarahalli to Onaaladoddi (another 5 kms) where you can dump your modes of transport and start trekking.

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If you have been to any destination which is not popular but worth the visit, do share it with us.

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