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Staying in Bangalore, Karnataka has many advantages.. one being, access to interesting destinations across south India.

When the corporate world starts to get on your nerves, we bangaloreans take our vehicles and head out either to a hill station in the neighbouring Tamil Nadu or towards the popular jungle camps and resorts around Bandipur and Nagarhole.

This time it was Yercaud, a cute little hill station about 35 kms away from Salem, Tamil Nadu. Salem is 200 Kms from Bangalore and has well paved double road all through with a few toll booth enroute. Bikes however have free passage which actually worked in our favor since we decided to bike it to Yercaud this time (this time being our 4th trip).

Typically for a biking tour, we start around 6.30am from a prominent location on the outskirts of the city and stop for breakfast after about an hour’s riding. During this trip, we stopped at Adiyar Anand Bhavan on Hosur – Salem highway (about 65kms from Bangalore) for a quick snack and continued to ride non stop till we hit Salem. After a round of tender coconuts, we began our hill climb which was the most exciting part of this ride.

Soon, you begin to feel the weather change and also get to catch a glimpse of the world below you. In less than an hour, you are on top of the hill covered by tall age old trees and a huge lake in the centre of town. A few hotels and resorts dot the landscape around the lake but the first to stand out is Sky Rocca, built on the edge of the last hair pin bend. Another popular property is Hotel Shevaroys which is one of the oldest in Yercaud and has cottages spread out amidst lush greenery.

Yercaud Lake; Pic from Wikipedia.org

Yercaud Lake; Pic from Wikipedia.org

Frankly, there isn’t much to do in Yercaud and is more of a location to relax and calm your nerves. However, an Indian tourist does demand his fair share of site seeing for whom there is boating at the lake, visit to the view point (Pagoda Point), Killiyur Falls and best of them all Shevaroyan Temple. This temple is situated about 7kms from town center and is at the highest point in Yercaud. An ideal location to view the entire mountain range and soak in the fresh air.

View of Shevaroyan Hills from Yercaud

View of Shevaroyan Hills from Yercaud

Yercaud is one of the least expensive hill stations and accommodation is available from as low as Rs 800 for a double room (in a hotel) which goes up to Rs 8,000 for a luxury cottage. Travelers also have the option of renting out an old furnished cottage with a cook cum caretaker for a fair sum.

If you are the sorts to end the day on high spirits, do note that Tamil Nadu has restriction on sale of liquor and is sold only across Tasmac outlets. However, premium hotels and resorts have license to sell liquor within their premises but may not stock exotic brands.

Greatescapes score for hill stations: 8/10

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graphGlobal slowdown or recession has affected us all either directly or indirectly. This has brought in a lot of tension and uncertainty about our future, jobs and investments that we have made so far. People are lookin at ways to cool their nerves and have taken up regular massages, going on drives or taking short holiday. But everyone has become price conscious and look for maximum value which i feel is a good practice anyday.

To help you all, we have put down a few tips & locations which can be explored without making a dent in you pocket.

Tip 1: Try and avoid travel during peak season as hotels & resorts will be charging maximum rates and will be full most of the time. Instead go there just before the season begins or just after it ends.

Tip 2: But its holiday season and you still want to travel.. then remember to book your stay well in advance so that you get a good deal. Scout for various options on the net or thru travel advisors and check their reviews on the net before booking your stay

Tip3: Look out for new resorts / hotels as they will be offering special discounts to publicize & promote their property

Tip 4: Identify locations which can be directly accessed using your own or public  transport. Else you will end up spending more on hiring local cabs etc.

Tip 5: Ask around you friend circle if they have visited the location shortlisted by you and check for local tips and approx costs. You will also get this info thru u’r relable travel agent or on the net

Tip 6: Carry a map of the location & route map if you are driving. This will help you get there quickly without deviations. Maps also carry tips of places to visit along with timings for entry into parks & lakes. You can also ask the locals for information & directions.

Tip 7: If you are a foreigner or indian, always carry cash (in local currency) as you might not find an ATM in smaller locations and end up running around looking for cash.

Tip 8: If you are driving down, fill up your car outside large cities since the fuel is cheaper there. For Ex: if your driving towards Tamil Nadu, get you fuel once u enter the border since its cheaper by Rs 2.50 when compared to Karnataka.

Tip 9: It is a myth that certain destinations are expensive. If you look hard, you will find cheaper but good options at every location. All you need is persistence and a bit of research.

Tip 10: Always carry a small notepad & camera to document unusual places & practices that you come across. You can blog about it when you get back and share it with you friends so that they can use your tips to supplement their travel.

If you have anymore tips to add pls feel free to do so.

I’ve listed a few destination which are suitable for summer travelers n budget friendly too:

  1. Yercaud, Tamil Nadu – Known as poor man’s hill station
  2. Coorg, Karnataka – Many options for homestay which are quite affordable
  3. Chikmagalur, Karnataka – Lovely mountain range with option for homestay
  4. Ooty, TN – Crowded but has many good budget hotels
  5. Wayanad, Kerala – Lot of site seeing spots & options of resorts and homestays for the budget traveler
  6. Yelagiri, TN – Mini hill station with couple of good budget options & close to Blr
  7. Nandi Hills, Karnataka – Very close to Bangalore but only govt guest house available on advance booking which is affordable.
sunst view from Yercaud

sunst view from Yercaud

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