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Over the years, Istanbul, Turkey served as capital for four empires. Today, it’s one of the biggest European cities, with a historical center designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, comprising incredible Ottoman, Greek, Roman and Byzantine buildings.

Quick facts:

Istanbul is the largest and most populated city in Turkey. Daily direct flights from Mumbai and Delhi on Turkish Airways takes you to Istanbul in over 6 hrs. Cheaper options include flying via Egypt or UAE.

The airport is about 25kms from city centre and is well connected by metro right under the airport terminal. Each metro and tram ride costs 1.5 Turkish Lira.

You will need 3 -4 days to cover all the important tourist spots in the city and more than half a day on the Bosphorus cruise to this little town called Anadolu Kavegi which is at the tip of Bosphorus river and Black sea.

Weather – Pleasant throughout the year – 2 deg Celcius is the min and goes up to 29 deg Celcius during summer.

Currency – Turkish Lira (TYL) and is equal to 32 Indian Rs

Transport – Metros, Trams, Buses and Taxi cabs

Average Cost per nite – 20 – 40 TYL per head per nite at a good hostel in the heart of Sultanhmet area with breakfast.

Food – Street food like bread n chicken shavarma will cost 4 Tyl and a proper sit down lunch will cost upwards of 12 – 20 Tyl.

Popular Turkish Breakfast

Popular Turkish Breakfast with olives, boiled eggs, cucumber, tomatoes, cheese, jam, honey and bread

Turkish sweet shop, Spice Bazaar

Turkish sweet n spice shop in Spice Bazaar

Blue Mosque, Istanbul

View of Blue Mosque at the Istanbul Square

The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul with over 3000 shops under one roof

Sultanhmet - Popular area in Istanbul with restaurants, hostels and pubs

Intricate gold tile work inside Hagia Sofia (Church) in Istanbul square

View from top floor of Hagia Sofia with restoration underway

Bayazit Cistern, underground water storage system situated below Istanbul square

Last fishing village on the Bosphorus - Anadolu Kavegi

Efficient Tram service in Istanbul

Istanbul's Metro and Tram routes

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