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graphGlobal slowdown or recession has affected us all either directly or indirectly. This has brought in a lot of tension and uncertainty about our future, jobs and investments that we have made so far. People are lookin at ways to cool their nerves and have taken up regular massages, going on drives or taking short holiday. But everyone has become price conscious and look for maximum value which i feel is a good practice anyday.

To help you all, we have put down a few tips & locations which can be explored without making a dent in you pocket.

Tip 1: Try and avoid travel during peak season as hotels & resorts will be charging maximum rates and will be full most of the time. Instead go there just before the season begins or just after it ends.

Tip 2: But its holiday season and you still want to travel.. then remember to book your stay well in advance so that you get a good deal. Scout for various options on the net or thru travel advisors and check their reviews on the net before booking your stay

Tip3: Look out for new resorts / hotels as they will be offering special discounts to publicize & promote their property

Tip 4: Identify locations which can be directly accessed using your own or public  transport. Else you will end up spending more on hiring local cabs etc.

Tip 5: Ask around you friend circle if they have visited the location shortlisted by you and check for local tips and approx costs. You will also get this info thru u’r relable travel agent or on the net

Tip 6: Carry a map of the location & route map if you are driving. This will help you get there quickly without deviations. Maps also carry tips of places to visit along with timings for entry into parks & lakes. You can also ask the locals for information & directions.

Tip 7: If you are a foreigner or indian, always carry cash (in local currency) as you might not find an ATM in smaller locations and end up running around looking for cash.

Tip 8: If you are driving down, fill up your car outside large cities since the fuel is cheaper there. For Ex: if your driving towards Tamil Nadu, get you fuel once u enter the border since its cheaper by Rs 2.50 when compared to Karnataka.

Tip 9: It is a myth that certain destinations are expensive. If you look hard, you will find cheaper but good options at every location. All you need is persistence and a bit of research.

Tip 10: Always carry a small notepad & camera to document unusual places & practices that you come across. You can blog about it when you get back and share it with you friends so that they can use your tips to supplement their travel.

If you have anymore tips to add pls feel free to do so.

I’ve listed a few destination which are suitable for summer travelers n budget friendly too:

  1. Yercaud, Tamil Nadu – Known as poor man’s hill station
  2. Coorg, Karnataka – Many options for homestay which are quite affordable
  3. Chikmagalur, Karnataka – Lovely mountain range with option for homestay
  4. Ooty, TN – Crowded but has many good budget hotels
  5. Wayanad, Kerala – Lot of site seeing spots & options of resorts and homestays for the budget traveler
  6. Yelagiri, TN – Mini hill station with couple of good budget options & close to Blr
  7. Nandi Hills, Karnataka – Very close to Bangalore but only govt guest house available on advance booking which is affordable.
sunst view from Yercaud

sunst view from Yercaud

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Some of you must have read stories recently and those living in this city might have felt it too.. Temperature in the city has been rising every year and we are seeing the effects of summer already in Feb. We are also reading about scanty rains this season which would otherwise give us the much needed relief.


Fortunately, there are a few options to help us cool down our nerves. Yes, head to the Hills.

Bangalore is ideally located about 150 – 250 kms from various popular hill stations in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka. Some of the popular names are Wayanad, Ooty / Conoor, Chikmagalur and Yercaud. These are ideally located about 4 – 5 hrs from Bangalore and has good motorable roads. There are a few more less popular locations like Yelagiri & Nandi hills which are just about 2 -3 hrs from the city.

Almost all of these locations have multiple options for accommodation from regular hotels to scenic resorts and to suit every pocket size.

So, the next time you are looking for a short break from your hectic schedule and want to chill down, just head to one of these locations and of course with a prior booking.

If you have newer locations to suggest, pls feel free to contribute. You can find the relevant article here <http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/Bangalore/The-heat-is-on-and-it-is-just-February/articleshow/4146529.cms&gt;

The majestic Western Ghats

The majestic Western Ghats

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With New Year around the corner, everyone is scrambling to find the
ultimate location to welcome the new year.

We at Great Escapes bring to you the top five hotspots from South
India to celebrate the New Year based on the number of requests
received by our travelers.

Top 5 Destinations to visit this New Year – 2009
1. Masinagudi, Tamil Nadu – This quiet little town is on the top spot
for its mind blowing location with a view of the Nilgiri hills from
its many resorts spread across the foot hills of Ooty. Travelers also
have the option of taking a short ride to this famous hill station
from Masinagudi or try the jungle hike to spot some wildlife.

Masinagudi - Nilgiri Hills

Masinagudi - Nilgiri Hills

2. Coorg, Karnataka – This popular district has been the hotspot for
many travelers who keep coming back for its natural beauty. From river
rafting to elephant bathing, this small district has more to offer
than many popular destination across the country thanks to the river
Cauvery which originates from here.

Tibetian Monastry

Coorg - Byalkuppe:Tibetian Monastry

3. Wayanad, Kerala – Located adjoining the Bandipur forest range and
about 250kms from Bangalore, this everygreen mountain range is an
ideal getaway from the hustle n bustle of daily life. Stay at one of
the many resorts amidst thick palm and coffee plantations and enjoy
the fresh cool breeze right thru the day.

Wayanad mountain range

Wayanad mountain range

4. Baga Beach, Goa – Undoubtedly the best place to party anytime of
the year, but with the clamp down by police on beach parties, this
location has slipped down to the 4th spot. Goa still manages to
attract crowd from across the globe with some of the best DJ’s playing
at the popular hotspots across North Goa. For a quiet celebrations,
head toward the south and stayover at one of the many homestays or
boutique resorts.

Goa - Baga Beach

Goa - Baga Beach

5. Chikmagalur, Karnataka – Chikmagalur is a fantastic weekend getaway
from Bangalore – far from the madding crowd and a perfect refuge from
the hustle bustle of the city. A couple of old friends and I wanted to
experience a ‘good drive’ and spend the night at a place with ‘no
mobile range’, a little bit of monsoon showers and nature.

Chikmagalur forest

Chikmagalur forest

Team GreatEscapes wishes you all a very Happy New Year 2009

Dance, Drink, Party hard but use a driver to get back home

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Not sure how many of you got to travel out of town during the Independence Day weekend but we did get lucky and had an opportunity to visit Wayanad forest range and it was one hell of an experience.

After having checked with over 14 resorts and homestays, we finally managed to find a very decent resort just of the main highway NH 212 nr Sultan Bathery but completely covered with coffee and palm plantation. So the view from our Bamboo cottage was like right in the middle of the forest.

We started from Bangalore at 6.30am and NICE road took us straight to Mysore rd within no time and by 8am we had reached MTR Shivalli beyond Chanapatna town for our breakfast. After a couple of Lotta Iddlis (this guy is really famous for these iddlis) n vadas we were on our way to Mysore. Stopped for fuel at 9.15 outside Mysore town and back on the road towards Nanjangud & Gundlepet. You have to be careful to turn right at Gundlepet town else u’ll head towards Bandipur. The moment you hit kerala border, the entire landscape changes and becomes compeltely green. Trust me, the greenery and fresh air hits you and you slowly start getting used to it.

Day 1: After a simple lunch at our resort (with fried fish ofcouse) we decided to explore the popular Edakkal Caves. We had an option to take a 1km jeep ride which would take us almost upto the caves and save on time. The last stretch up was quite an experience with heavy downward traffic and the continous drizzle. Soon we made it to the caves on top and was worth the climb. On our way back as typical tourists, we shopped for Tea powder, Masala Coffee & palm jaggery (good for diabetics) at the local shops.

Our evening at the resort was quiet and relaxed with a sumptuous dinner and a stroll within the resort property.

Day 2: After a heavy breakfast we pushed ourselves out of the resort to checkout the largest waterfall in this area called Soochipara Falls. After driving thru narrow roads and across tea estates we reached the end of the motorable road from were our trek to the base of the falls began. Took us a good 30 mins to get there and about 45mins to get back up but it was totally worth it. The only sad part was to see people washing their clothes and undergarments here.. Dont’ know wat gets into people when they see a river or stream.. its not like they don’t get to wash their clothes for days together. Why come so far and spoil the environment completely..

After a quick lunch we were back on the road again to visit the famous Pookot Lake and Likkidi View point. This lake is just like any other – a bit cleaner though but the view point at Likkidi was just awesome. Spent a lot of time just gazing into the valley below before we started to head back to our resort. Day 3: After another simple but good breakfast with hot tea we spent time at the small stream which runs thru the resort. Did manage to get a quick kerala style massage and started our journey back to bangalore aroun 11.45am. With stopovers for more pictures we said good bye to this wonderful place known as God’s Own Country.

We stopped over at Royal Orchid Metropole in Mysore for buffet lunch in the ancient palace hall and continued on our journey back. Reached bangalore at around 6pm loaded with memories of our short but releaxing trip.

Quick facts:
Total distance covered: 680 kms
Travel time (one-way): 5.5 – 6 hrs
Total cost of fuel used: Rs 2800
Accommodation: Rs 6000 per couple for 2N/3Days
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