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Early May of 2008 had a long weekend and an ideal time to drive down to someplace not too far away. The obvious choice was to head towards Mysore as that’s the only place where we could find accommodation on short notice as every other tourist spot around Bangalore was packed.

So we headed out at 7am on Saturday morning with a stopover at MTR Shivalli restaurant for some Iddlis and Masala Dosas. Even though this restaurant was packed to the core, we managed to share a table with some others who were kind enough to oblige. Soon we were on our way and by 9.30 had reached the famous town of Srirangapatna. Have gone past this small town on numerous occasions but never bothered to enter inside. But this time we did enter to visit the tomb and summer palace of the great Tippu Sultan.

Only during this trip did we realise that Srirangapatna is an island town as river Cauvery cuts this piece of land from both sides and joins again further down (ref map above).

After having visited all the important tourist spots here, we headed towards Mysore. First stop was the famous Mylari Restaurant in Nazarabad which is know for its dosa’s n iddlis. I know, we were overdoing the dosa n iddly bit 🙂

Checked into our hotel and after a quick nap headed towards Mysore Palace which took quite sometime to explore with all its grandeur. As the sun began to set we headed towards Karanji Lake to chill and watch the sun go down the horizon.

Day2: Started the day with a lovely breakfast at the hotel and headed out towards the famous National Park know to be one of the best in the country. Took us about 2 hrs to completely scout this park and we were exhausted by the end of it. From here went straight to lunch at the famous old Ritz hotel which has been here for ages. Post lunch, we checked out of our hotel room and traveled towards Balmuri Falls but had a quick stopover at KRS Dam to see the musical fountain.
Well, it was now time for us to leave this beautiful and peaceful city and head back to Bangalore to all the chaos and traffic jams. No wonder Mysore is still called Pensioner’s Paradise but with the NICE road coming up, god knows if this will become a concrete jungle too..

Quick Facts:
Total Distance traveled – 340kms
Total fuel consumed – 24.5 lts
Total cost incurred – 3600 (for two people including travel, stay (2 star), food and all entries)

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