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Come long weekends and our phones start buzzing continuously and inbox get flooded with mails from anxious travelers looking for a decent package for the long weekend and in this case its from May 1st to 3rd.

Many of us just wake up at the last min and decide to do a trip to some popular scenic location as they have 3 whole days to spare. But recession or no recession, almost every popular hotel, resort and homestay run full especially on weekends.

With options only from lesser known properties, travelers have to make a choice whether to take risk and try out this hotel / resort along with pressure from their family members to travel. What can one do to avoid such problems and still manage a good weekend. We have a few tips below.

Tip 1 – Plan you holiday in advance. Saves all the trouble

2 – Try booking thru reliable travel agents who sometimes hold rooms for last min bookings

3 – Do a thorough review of the hotel before you confirm on it. It could be running vacant due to its bad location / service

4 – Call popular hotels n resorts a day before for last min cancellations. If you are lucky, u could end up with a bargain

5 – Best Tip: If all else doesn’t work, then lookout for you friends n relatives who own farm houses. You could self invite yourself like we are doing this time 🙂 It works out cheaper and is much more enjoyable


A beautiful farm house on the outskirts of Blr which belongs to Mr Joshi & fly

happy holidayin

Team GreatEscapes

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Credit crunch, credit crunch, credit crunch, that is all that the media seem to be focusing on.  2009 starts with news of credit crunch and recession around the world. What effect this will have on the travel industry we are still unsure.  Are things going to get as bad in 2009 as they say they are? Perhaps it will be tough for the travel industry.

Well, we’ve all heard about the sad economic state – but for those with a little bit of money to spend, this could be the perfect time for travel. Sounds Crazy? Well may be not!

Recession means less money in our pockets and fewer people taking trips. And that has hotels and airlines offering major deals to try and keep the travelers coming. The good news for consumers is that they can take advantage of some amazing discounts that large companies–including travel agencies, airlines, and hotels are offering to help boost their sales. Combined with the weak economy, fuel prices have drastically reduced, which means that airlines can cut fares further and this could well be worth your while.

So if you are thinking of traveling, this is the time for you. If you are delaying your plans till the economy comes back to track you might be right but you aren’t gonna find cheap rates again. As the economy improves, rates will go up as well.

A couple tips to help score that recession deal:
* Avoid holiday travel or book well in advance for long weekends
* Be flexible with dates
* Book early
* Consider all-inclusive resorts

And don’t forget to check Time.com’s article ‘5 best places to travel in a recession’ http://www.time.com/time/travel/article/0,31542,1855690,00.html

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