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Kempagowda International Airport, Bangalore

Kempagowda International Airport, Bangalore

Kempagowda International Airport or earlier known as Bangalore International Airport is about 37 kms from city centre. While we all complained about the distance, we soon got used to it especially since there is a 6 lane signal free road connecting the airport from Mekhri Circle which cuts down travel time by 30 mins. Do note, there is a new toll being charged for this road while coming back from the Airport to the city at Rs 115 per visit.

So here is a short list of quick options to reach the airport or get back to the city.
1. Airport Bus : The cheapest option (for upto 2 passengers) is the air conditioned Volvo bus service from all parts of the city. Cost varies from Rs 170 to Rs 300 per person depending on the distance traveled. Log on to http://www.mybmtc.com/airportservices for more details about the route and timings.

2. Cabs – KIA has a lot of cab options to choose from and we’ve tried to sort them according to cost.
TaxiforSure.com : Offers A/c Indica hatchback at Rs 700 (fixed fare including toll charge of Rs 115) and A/c Sedan at Rs 850 from Airport to Bangalore and city to Airport. Their metered fare is Rs 14 and Rs 16 per km from Indica and Sedan.

Uber.com : is currently offering special promotions for their Uber X (40% discount) and Uber Black (25% discount) cabs anywhere in the city. The only catch is that you need to book it through their app and have uploaded your credit card details, else, you will not be able to use their services. Uber X will cost you about Rs 560 inclusive of toll for a distance of 45 kms with the 40% discount offer.

Megacabs.com : They have a promotional offer of Rs 666 or Rs 699 + tax from anywhere in the city to the airport for all web and mobile bookings and they are reliable.

Image courtesy: mydala.com

Image courtesy: mydala.com

– Airport Authorized Cabs (No advance booking reqd): Mega Cabs, Meru and KSTDC are all part of the approved airport cabs which are available at the far end of the airport. They have a standard charge of Rs 19.50 per km from Airport to the city + toll extra and charge according to the meter.

– New Services (Not tested) : There are a few others like Meru Genie offering per km rate of Rs 10 during the day and Rs 12.50 during night time and Ola Cabs which offer sedan at Rs 600 for first 30 kms and Rs 16 /km after that or mini cabs at Rs 540 for first 30 kms and Rs 13 /km post that.

3. Premium Cabs : Services like Avis car rentals, Ramesh Tours & Travels, Ola Prime offer premium cars and luxury vehicles and charge a premium for their service.

So depending on your budget and convenience, choose the option that suits you best.

Happy travelling!

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Airconditioned Volvo service to Bangalore Airport

Air-conditioned Volvo service to Bangalore Airport

Most Bangaloreans are already aware of this excellent Airport service provided by the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) but, this blog is for the benefit of those tourists visiting this garden city.

Most of us living in Bangalore may not appreciate the efforts put in by BMTC to keep this service going since most of these buses run half full. We also tend to underestimate the convenience this service offers us until it’s take away. The best part is that these buses run at half hr intervals 24 hrs a day with 1 hr interval post 1.30am up to 4.30am due to low traffic.

With air travel becoming the norm for long distance travel, we have been using this bus service to ferry our friends, relatives and clients regularly and they all love it. These buses are punctual, clean, comfortable, reliable and most importantly, they are cheap. This is the cheapest mode of transport to and from the airport which is located about 36 kms from the city centre.

Bus bay at the Bangalore Airport

Bus bay at the Bangalore International Airport

An average ticket is priced between Rs 150 to Rs 250 ($2.5 – $4) for an A/c Volvo coach depending on the distance traveled, while a Meru Cab or Ola Cab would cost between Rs 600 to Rs 1,100 ($10 – $18) for the same distance. So if you are a group of three or over four members, it makes sense to use the bus (since a cab can carry only 4 people).

There are 11 routes which span across the city to reach every corner with designated pick up points. You can even source the mobile number of the bus conductor from the BMTC control room or at your nearest bus depot who will tell you exactly when the bus would arrive at your stop.

When the airport was inaugurated, most travelers complained about the distance and the infrastructure and said that Hyderabad airport was better in every count. But today, the connectivity that Bangalore airport has to the city is much better than Hyderabad (which is also located about 40kms from the city) or any other airport in India. Today, these Volvo buses even ferry non airport travelers who either travel to their work place or home which has helped increase revenues for the department.

You will find a detailed table of various bus routes the moment you get out of the airport at the bus bay or at the link below. The link below will help you with options such as bus timings, pick up points and rates for different locations.


Airport Bus timings as of Feb 2015 available here: You can access the website here for timings and fares

We are receiving a lot of requests on the various pick-up points in the city and have stopped accepting them. Request you to download the entire route list by clicking on this link

You can also see the map of the various routes here Vayu Vajra Map

BMTC Contact Details:
BMTC airport kiosk information: Telephone No: 08027607989, Mobile: 7760991269
BMTC, Kempegowda Bus Stand: Telephone No: 2295 2311 / 2295 2314
BMTC, Shivajinagar Bus Stand: Telephone No: 2295 2321 / 2295 2324

Alternate modes of transport include certified Airport A/c cabs (Meru Cabs – 080 44224422, Mega Cabs – 080 47474747, Ola Cabs – 080 33553355, TaxiForSure – 080 60601010, Uber – via the app) which are also available right outside the airport & will pick you up from any part of the city. These cabs are metered and will provide a bill at the end of your journey. Fares vary from Rs 14/km for Indica vehicles (from TaxiForSure) and go upto Rs 20/km. You will also need to pay a toll of Rs 115 on your way back to the city from the airport.

For safety reasons, do not engage with the local touts who are always trying to fleece unsuspecting travelers landing in Bangalore.

Team GreatEscapes

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